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SimMechanics™ rover

version (114 KB) by Guy Rouleau
This SimMechanics™ model implements a 4 wheels rover with suspension and a robotic arm.


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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I was developping the model of a car suspension. After implementing one quarter of the car, I thought it might be cool to combine four "quarter car" models and a simple arm to create a rover equipped with a robotic arm.
The contact dynamics for the wheel is very simple. A spring-damper that is enabled when the wheels touch the ground.

All comments/suggestions are welcome

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Guy Rouleau (2021). SimMechanics™ rover (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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I did not understand 2 things in the model. Perhaps it is very simple. Could any of u pls ans?

In contact dynamics block

1.Inside vertical force block, I didn't get why 'x' is being multiplied to the product of 'v' and 'gain'

2.Inside horizontal force block, I didn't get why 'Torque' is being multiplied by 'gain(Tire.radius)' instead of dividing by Tire.radius, because Torque = Force*Distance.

Thank you

Carlos Moran

You are a genius




Mr Smart

Rendy Dalimunthe

What's velocity, position, and acceleration is it? When I add the fuzzy controller which one of it will be affected? Please give me explanation.

When I run your model I see the visualization of the rover, how to build it?

Guy Rouleau

You will get an error if you are using an version of MATLAB older than R2008b. SimMechanics Visualization has been completly redesigned in MATLAB R2008b. The model uses new features available only since R2008b and because of that it is not compatible with earlier versions.

Rendy Dalimunthe

when I try to run it, there are several errors which mention that some variables are undefined. Can you help?

Rendy Dalimunthe

Hello Guy,

I intend to build a full car model of active suspension that will be controlled by fuzzy logic in simmechanics, I want to make your model as the basis of my model since your model is pretty great. However, I still confused on some parts. Can you give me any suggestion which parts of your model should I remove? And where I can add the fuzzy controller box.Please give me explanation. Your help is highly appreciated. Thank you.



Rendy Dalimunthe

Joao Henriques

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Created with R2009a
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

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