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function to shift a selected line (or all other outputs of the PLOT-function) in X and Y-direction

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Updated 25 Apr 2009

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this function might be useful for quick and dirty visual inspection of multiple traces or timecourses with a timedelay between or arbitrary x/y-axes or illconditioned overlay of traces
- works for all outputs of the 'plot-function' (type is 'line').
- Note, plotet dots are also of type line.
- The function adds an icon in the menubar of a figure, which than
activates the shift-function
- if the function is active, a line can be selected and moved within the axis as long as the
mousebutton is not released
- right mouse button (contextmenu): get the original plot (as long as the icon in the menubar is
not deactivated)
plot(something);%plot something
uilineshift; %adds icon in menubar
OR 2]
uilineshift; %adds icon in menubar
now plot something
uilineshift('test'); %3 examples
Paul S. Koch, BNIC Berlin 2009

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Todd Welti

Very Nice. I disabled the x-axis by remming out lines 231,250,251,274. Since I normally plot using semilogx, the x axis shifting doesn't work well as is. An option for x or y only shift would be nice. A little display showing the current value of shift would be nice too. Very usefull as is though...


Andrew Scott

Nice, but the demo requires "hanning", which is a signal processing toolbox function.


I thought is would be useful to show the difference between the current line and the original lines. This would be useful if you are trying to find a offset value for instance. If you add this after line 248 or so then the difference will display in the command window:

x_diff = s.x(1)-s.xorig(1);
y_diff = s.y(1)-s.yorig(1);
disp(['New Location Difference: x: ',num2str(x_diff), ' y: ',num2str(y_diff)])

This was a quick and dirty way to get the difference. Better yet the difference would display on the plot somehow.


Extremely useful. I don't know how many times I have had to do this manually.

It would be nice if this worked for simulink scopes.

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Created with R2007b
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

Inspired: plot_shift.m

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