Improvement of syntax highlighting for FORTRAN MEX files (using an external editor like GEDIT)
Updated 25 Jun 2009

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I always use an external text editor to write MEX files; because MATLAB's internal editor doesn't give you syntax highlighting on FORTRAN code.

Here, I've improved the editor I use (GEDIT) to highlight (in addition to the usual fortran syntax) all mx* and mex* functions which can be called from a fortran MEX file.

So, for example, when I make a call to 'mxGetPr' from my fortran code, this is highlighted in Orange. It gives me a better sense of whereabouts in the code I am - which can be difficult if, like me, you're a little unfamiliar with the way mex files work.

I also added 'mwPointer', 'mwSize', and 'mwIndex' to the 'Types' list in fortran, so they're highlighted in green, the same as standard fortran declarations (REAL*4, etc).

I'm not an expert, but will try to help with any bugs - and will be glad to add in any improvements.

Hopefully, this won't be used straight-out of the box, (it won't work for all editors) but will enthuse you all to go out and customise your editors for yourselves :)

** Disclaimer ** These are specific instructions for GEDIT and similar editors - it won't work for things like MS Visual Studio etc etc, but might inspire and teach you how to customise other editors. Good luck!

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Thomas Clark (2024). FORTRAN_Mex_Highlighter (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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25 June 2009 - Checked support for windows based gedit installations - works flawlessly.