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Fast Circular (Periodic) Cross Correlation

version (2.95 KB) by Travis Wiens
A fast circular cross correlation algorithm for periodic signals, using the FFT.


Updated 03 Jun 2009

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Uses fft to calculate the circular cross correlation of two periodic signal vectors.This is equivalent to xc(k)=sum(u1.*circshift(u2,k)), but much faster (on the order of 500 times faster for a 1024 point signal).

The package also includes two examples. One checks the calculation against the definition. The second compares the speed of the fast algorithm to one based on the definition for a range of input vector sizes.

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Travis Wiens (2021). Fast Circular (Periodic) Cross Correlation (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Joe Vinciguerra

Works as described. Thanks for sharing.


Hi, I have a signal of frequency 1 and 3 Hz. And another signal of 1 and 5 Hz. Can I eliminate common frequency(1 Hz) from each signal by using circular cross correlation?

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