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Mackey-Glass time series generator

version (151 KB) by Marco Cococcioni
This function generates a Mackey-Glass time series using the 4-th order Runge-Kutta method.


Updated 09 Jun 2009

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This is a tutorial on Mackey-Glass time series generation.
Once published, it generates an html tutorial on Mackey-Glass time series generation for educational purposes.

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Marco Cococcioni (2020). Mackey-Glass time series generator (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Leonardo Dalla Porta

Why it does not work for small values of delay?

This is not really an error but - In the main algorithm, shouldn't T(i) be updated immediately after X(i) is updated? That way x0 would correspond to x(0) and not x(0.1) = x(deltat).

Shujaat Khan

Zhennan Huang

Victor Zhu

It seems that the time series is not correct when the parameters are fixed as follows:
a=1.2,b=1,tau=60,deltat=0.01,sampe_n = 200000;

Fengyu Xie


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