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Peak Interpolation

version (4.12 KB) by Travis Wiens
Estimates the location and magnitude of the peak of a continuous function between samples.


Updated 17 Jun 2009

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Sometimes it is important to be able to estimate the peak of a sampled continuous function between the samples. This is called subsample peak interpolation and is used in radar, delay estimation, and communication. Typically one fits a model to the sampled data and then finds the maximum of the model. Two models that I have used are parabolas and Gaussian curves. Both have three parameters and can be fit exactly to three samples (even if the samples are not evenly spaced), and, as a bonus, closed form solutions exist for parameters. This package to demonstrate this procedure, including two examples. One demonstrates finding the peak of a function with unevenly spaced samples. The other shows an example of delay estimation to subsample accuracy.

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Adam (view profile)

Tolga Ozkurt

this is a great to code for the detection of a peak and its width.

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