strfind for datasets

Search and find entries in a Matlab dataset (in a specified string variable)
Updated 10 Jul 2009

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function ind=datasetStrFind(dset,str,vars)

like strfind.m but applies on datasets instead of cell arrays.

The "dataset" type is a matlab type which allows to store data in a similar
way than database tables. Database operations such as join can by applied
(see the function join). However I did not find a function to do a simple
field search on a dataset.

This function allows to look for a substring (str) within observations of
a variable (vars) of a dataset dset. vars can be the variable name or the
column number to search in the dataset.

% % %

names = {'John'; 'Henri';'Enrico'};
ages = [26; 18; 35];
d1 = dataset({names, 'Name'}, {ages, 'Age'})


will return

d1 =

Name Age
'John' 26
'Henri' 18
'Enrico' 35

ans =


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Arnaud Amzallag (2024). strfind for datasets (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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