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Self-terminating modal warning dialog with flashing icon


Updated 29 Feb 2016

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A warning dialog is displayed with a flashing exclamation mark. The dialog is
terminated automatically with the default reply, if the user does not press a
button in a specified period of time.
This can be useful e.g. for functions, which are checked with automated tests, because the dialog does not block the execution completely.
Show a warning for 15 seconds, choose 'Cancel' if time has passed:
Opt.Delay = 15;
Opt.Button = {'Cancel', 'Reject', 'Accept'}; % 1st is default
Opt.Interpreter = 'tex';
Opt.Wrap = false;
[Reply, TimeOut] = AutoWarnDlg({'This is a \bfwarning\rm!', 'Accept, reject or cancel?'}, 'Question', Opt)

Features: Move button focus with the keyboard, copy warning message to the clipboard, flashing icon, text wrapping can be controlled, works even when called from a callback with 'Interruptible' property set to 'off'.

Tested under Matlab 7.7, 7.8, 8.6: HG2

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Great function if you need Matlab temporary dialog box.

Works perfectly in the current release R2009b


Thanks Matt! 2nd output [TimeOut] is implemented and will be published soon. In addition, more options for the text wrapping are included: none, fixed width in pixels or according to dummy string, auto-wrapping for an approx. 3/2 proportion.

Matt Fig

Works well. One thing I would like to see added is an optional second output which stores whether the dialog terminated due to timeout or user acknowledgment. That way if this was called from a code which was running automatically, the user could be notified that a warning was thrown earlier. This could be useful for debugging.


03-Aug-2009: Fixed bug in help and example: Delay is triggered by field "Delay", not "Sec".


HG2 supported

2nd output: [TimeOut] is TRUE if the timeout was reached. More options for text wrapping.

03-Aug-2009: Fixed help section/example: The delay is defined by the field [Opt.Delay] and not [Opt.Sec].

Nicer shape of wrapped text.

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