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Simscape Language: Nonlinear Spring

version (232 KB) by Steve Miller
Simscape™ language example of nonlinear mechanical springs


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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This file contains Simscape language source code for nonlinear springs. One example uses a custom equation and the other uses a lookup table.
To view a video (3 minutes) showing a nonlinear spring example, go to:
To view a webinar (35 minutes) about the Simscape language, go to:

To learn more about MathWorks Simscape products, go to:

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Alberto Mora

Steve Miller

Hi Talha and Kartik - to see how to connect Simscape 1D mechanical components to Simscape Multibody 3D models, look at

Talha Ilyas

hey kartik, Did you find any solution for the problem?
I want to add the torsional springs instead of rigid body in the robotic legs. I made a model using solid works which i exported as xml file. There I used the springs but obviously they did not translated the same behavior into Matlab. So i deleted the springs ' "solid block" and its reference frame and kept the transformation frames which are connected on both side. but if i add in the middle the springs, the geometry of my model gets messed up infact i can not see some of the body parts. should''nt they suppose to stick together as my transformation frames are there and i added the spring in the middle of that.


Hey, the spring is not attaching to my simscape model. My model has frames and solid bodies defined and i want the nonlinear spring between the reference frame and the solid body.
Help is appreciated, Btw I am new to simscape.

hooman shirzadi


Erdal Bizkevelci

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