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Right ascension/declinati​on to azimuth/elevation

version (2.38 KB) by Frank Breitling
Mapping from equatorial to horizontal coordinates - i.e. from RA/Dec to az/el (Alt/Az)


Updated 22 Oct 2009

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Calculates azimuth and elevation angle in the local horizon system for a sky position given in equatorial coordinates (RA Dec J2000).

Function Call: [Az El] = RADec2AzEl(350,58, '2008/02/18 13:10:00',60,15,0)

RA - Right ascension (J2000) of sky position in degrees (0:360)
Dec - Declination angle (J2000) of sky position in degrees (-90:90)
UTC - Date and Time in UTC of format YYYY/MM/DD hh:mm:ss
Lat - Latitude of location in degrees -90:90 -> S(-) N(+)
Lon - Longitude of location in degrees -180:180 W(-) E(+)
Alt - Altitude of location in km

Az - Azimuth angle in degrees
El - Elevation/Altitude Angle in degrees

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Frank Breitling (2020). Right ascension/declination to azimuth/elevation (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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