sphere without poles

works like sphere bult-in matlab function but result is sphere without poles.
Updated 2 Nov 2009

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Main function is sphere_wp.m . Without any parameters it will plot sphere with default parameters. sphere_wp.m use only random_unit_vector.m. Other m-files not need, it is tests:
compare_spheres.m - compare to functions sphere_wp and sphere
animation_example.m - show how to use sphere_wp.m for animation
sphere_wp_movie.m - makes movie that show iteration process.

also sphere_wp use convhulln bult-in matlab function to make triangles.

type help sphere_wp to see sphere_wp usage.

sphere_wp - plot sphere or return geometry info
use as matlab built in function "shere"
it makes sphere without poles
shere consist of triangles

sphere_wp is better then sphere because it has uniformly distributed vertecies see screenshot here or run compare_spheres.m you can see that sphere gives poles you can see it as some point. Also there are two reflections of two lights and spheres gives different reflections spots. sphere_wp does not have this disadvantages, both spots same.

sphere_wp genretes random vertecies on unit sfere then use iterations to makes uniform distribution of vertecies, see iteration process:

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Inspired by: random unit vector generator

Inspired: Global tsunami simulation GUI

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