Image File Get/Put Dialog Boxes

Open and save image file dialog boxes
Updated 13 Nov 2009

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Contains two functions: UIGETIMFILE and UIPUTIMFILE

As their name suggests, they wraps the standard UIGETFILE and UIPUTFILE functions; the FILTERSPEC parameter in the standard functions is automatically set to browse only MATLAB supported image files according to IMFORMATS function.

Also, the third output parameter is changed to IMFORMAT which is the IMFORMATS entry that corresponds to the selected file (extension). It gives a quick access to ISA/INFO/READ/WRITE functions specific to the selected image format.


[filename,pathname,imformat] = uigetimfile('Pick an image file');
[filename,pathname,imformat] = uiputimfile('Save as');

% to use a subset of supported image format
[filename,pathname,imformat] = uigetimfile([1 4 8], 'Pick an image file');
[filename,pathname,imformat] = uiputimfile([1 4 8], 'Save as');
% [1 4 8] are the index to IMFORMATS returning structure.
% In R2009A Windows release, these indexes correspond to BMP, GIF, and JPEG formats.

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Kesh Ikuma (2024). Image File Get/Put Dialog Boxes (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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