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Retrieves cell array of file names from current directory

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Updated 13 Nov 2009

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[Sacs] = getFiles(varargin);
This function returns a cell of file names from the current directory, given any number of inputs of regular expressions. It is analogous to the LINUX 'ls' command, but the output is given to the user as a cell, when using getFiles.m

[Sacs] = getFiles('REGEXP1','REGEXP2',...,'REGEXPN');

REGEXP1: A character regular expression, such as 'get' or 'mat'.

Sacs: A cell array containing the file names that match the
requested character matches.

Suppose you have a directory where JPEG images are stored under names that include 'November' somewhere in the title. This returns those file names:

[Sacs] = getFiles('November','.jpg');

Suppose you have directory containing data of the form:
The following command returns all .SAC files for station 'JAN', channel 'EPZ', Julian day 340, and year 2009:

[Sacs] = getFiles('SAC','JAN',340,2009);

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