Using Doxygen with Matlab

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Extracts automatically comments from your Matlab .m files using Doxygen to generate documentation
Updated 6 Apr 2011

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This package allows you to extract automatically comments from your Matlab .m files using Doxygen to generate documentation.

This package provides :
- a perl script ( used to filter the .m files so that Doxygen can understand them
- a template for the Doxyfile file (configuration file for Doxygen) which has to be modified according to the location of your code
- documentationGuidelines.m, an .m file which describes how you should comment your code so that Doxygen can extract it and create nice documentation
- classDocumentationExample.m : an .m file describing possible comment for classes
- all the documentation (html format) automatically generated by Doxygen from the two .m files (see Doc/html/index.html), which provides informations about installation and how to write Doxygen comments.

Installation details :
- You need to have the Doxygen software installed (version 1.5.9 or newer required (tested with version 1.7.1))
- You need to have perl installed (perl is shipped with Matlab, located usually in $matlabroot\sys\perl\win32\bin)
- unzip the to C:\DoxygenMatlbab (for example)
- get the Doxyfile file from the C:\DoxygenMatlbab directory and replace the default Doxyfile provided by Doxygen
- edit the Doxyfile file (or use the DoxyWizard tool provided by Doxygen) to modify a few settings :
o FILTER_PATTERN=*m=C:\DoxygenMatlbab\
o PERL_PATH=<path to your perl version>
o INPUT=<directory where your documented code is located>
o OUTPUT_DIRECTORY=<directory where you want to generate your documentation>
o STRIP_FORM_PATH=<directory where your documented code is located>

Note for Windows users :
In certain circumstances, the association between .pl files and the perl executable is not well configured, leading to "Argument must contain filename -1 at C:\DoxygenMatlab\ line 4" when running doxygen. To work around this issue, you should execute the following lines in a Windows command prompt ("cmd") :

assoc .pl=PerlScript
ftype PerlScript=C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2010b\sys\perl\win32\bin\perl.exe %1 %*
(don't forget to replace the path to the perl.exe file with yours in the line above)

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Version Published Release Notes

Fixed a few bugs :
- property names (and method names) beginning with end are now allowed (as pointed out by Vincent)
- inheritance with classes containing a dot is now supported (as pointed out by Evgeni Pr)

Added support for :
* @-folder for classes
* multiple inheritance
* class attributes
* private / protected / public properties and methods
* abstract methods
* constant properties
* events
* ignored arguments (~)