Multivariable Calculus Toolbox , ver. 1.9

This is a toolbox for handling scalar and vector functions of three variables. Easy plotting, etc...
Updated 3 Sep 2003

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This is a toolbox for making it easier to visualize vector and scalar functions of three variables. Mostly all of the elementary functions are overloaded. Such as the plot-function. Important to note is that one cannot yet solve any PDE's using this toolbox. In that case you should rather use my FEM-toolbox.

There are plans on interfacing these toolboxes with each other. With this package, one can perform following calculations among others:


This toolbox contains two classes for the moment: "scalar" and "vector". A scalar object is a function of three variables in either Cartesian (x,y,z), spherical R,theta,phi) or cylindrical (r,phi,z) coordinates.
The constructor can be used in many different ways. It is advisable to first run "vecinit" in order to create some easy to use variables (type "help vecinit" for more info).

If you have typed "vecinit cart" then you can use the three variable objects x,y and z to create new objects lik this:

» f=sin(x+y)-z*y^2

Scalar function:
f(x,y,z) = sin(x+y)-z*y^2

Vector objects are 3D-vector functions of three variables, ie three dimensional fields:

» H=[-y x 0]

will produce a "magnetic field" which can easily be plotted
by typing:

» H=setrange(H,[-2 2],[-1 1],[-1 1 2]);
» plot(H([],[],0))
» axis equal

This was a few samples of what you can establish with this toolbox. It is designed so that it should be so simple to use as possible. The classes saves both memory and time for you. Also your variable space will not be as filled with variables as it was before.

Read the readme-file included with the toolbox for more information.

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Only changed the packing format from tar.gz to zip since many people seems to have problems with corrupted mat-files. The tar.gzipped file can still be found on my homepage.