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O-MOMS Supersampling routine

version (5.92 KB) by Meng Wang
Supersampling function using Optimal Maximal-Order-Minimal-Support as kernel.

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Updated 10 Apr 2010

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MOMS (maximal-order-minimal-support) functions give the least number of supports for a given approximation order L. The stringent requirement of number of supports is critical to real-time signal processing, which is why sinc (the kernel that gives ideal reconstruction) is not used in practice. B-spline based interpolating kernels are usually used in spline interpolation. MOMS functions are constructed by b-spline functions. Here we provide an implementation of O-MOMS (optimal MOMS), which outperforms b-spline kernels of the same degree.

This implementation uses DTFT to compute the coefficients in the prefiltering step [Thevenaz 2000]. For boundary condition, we assume periodic, which is scheduled to be changed to mirroring in the next release.

Degrees of 0 through 5 are supported.

Related papers:

T. Blu et al.

Minimal Support Interpolators with Optimum Approximation Properties, ICIP 1998;
MOMS: Maximal-Order Interpolation of Minimal Support, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing Vol. 10, No.7, 2001;

Phillippe Thevenaz et al.
Interpolation Revisited, IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, Vol. 19, No. 7, 2000.

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Meng Wang (2021). O-MOMS Supersampling routine (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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He ask me the toolbox images, is it normal ?


Ok. Simple example.
Sr = momssupersample(S.', 4, 5);

zoom in

Meng Wang


Could you help me reproduce this weird thing? Thanks.


The strange behaviour of the function.
If you make a resampling, and then make the binning and again resampling , there will be offset relative to the original series!
A - original
B-resempled and binned
max (A) index 70 106
max (B) index 69 105

At resempled images (128.128 -> 4096.4096)
max (A) index 2222 3361
max (B) index 2207 3345

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Created with R2009a
Compatible with any release
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