Automatically apply x and y labels to subplots only along the edges.
Updated 11 Jul 2012

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function H=labelEdgeSubPlots(xl,yl,onlyBottom)

If all subplots have the same quantities on the x and y axes then
there's no point labeling all of them. Often it looks neater to
simply have y labels only on the plots along the left hand
edge and x labels only on the plots along the bottom. This
function does this automatically for the current figure.

xl - a string specifying what to label the x axes.
yl - a string specifying what to label the y axes.
onlyBottom - by default this is zero and the function adds an
x-axis to appropriate plots from the penultimate row
if the bottom row of plots is incomplete. set
onlyBottom to 1 to suppress this behaviour.
* in addition: onlyBottom can be a vector of axis handles to
be processsed.
H - a structure containing handles to the x and y axis labels

for i=1:5
x=[0:10]; y=1+0.01*x.^3+randn(size(x))*0.2;
plot(x,y,'ok'), xlabel('will be removed')

H=labelEdgeSubPlots('beer [pints]','faux pas');
H=labelEdgeSubPlots('beer [pints]','faux pas',1);
%One can also do:

%proccess only some subplots
for i=1:25
subplot(5,5,i), box on
if mod(i,5)==1, ax=[gca,ax]; end

Rob Campbell - January 2009

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Version Published Release Notes

And another correction to the help...

Fixed error in one of the exampled.

Add H1 line

Returns label handles.
3rd input can now also be a vector of axis handles to be labeled.

Now skips axes which are Matlab-generated legends or colorbars. Please let me know if it gets confused by other figure child elements.