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version (8.25 KB) by M. A. Hopcroft
Calculates overlapping Allan Deviation (ADEV) of a time domain signal.


Updated 18 Mar 2014

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allan_overlap.m calculates the overlapping Allan deviation (ADEV) of a time domain signal. It is designed for stability analysis of frequency data, although the analysis can be applied to other types of data. Fractional frequency or phase data sets with sample rate or time stamp information are handled.
Note: for regular and modified Allan deviation analysis, please see the files allan.m (ID: #13246) and allan_modified.m (ID: #26637).

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M. A. Hopcroft (2021). allan_overlap (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (5)

Jorge Marcelo

it is really useful!

Moshe Shuker

Thank you for this very useful function.
In some cases the function returns with no results (although all criteria were met as far as I can tell).
Following a comment on the allan.m function (Tim, Jan 13th 2017) I made the following correction.
In line 271
m = data.rate.*tau;
m = floor(data.rate.*tau);
I made a few small checks and it seems to work fine.

John Ondov

Brandon Bourn

This is a fantastic program, thank you so much for writing it!!


Very handy tool, easy to use.
Thanks alot for your help!

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Inspired by: allan

Inspired: allan_modified

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