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Example: Making and debugging mex with Visual Studio 2010 and Matlab 2009b

version (7.77 MB) by Amund Gjersøe
Develop and debug Matlab mex-files using Visual Studio 2010 and its compilator.


Updated 27 Jan 2010

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Updated an earlier submission to the new versions of Visual Studio and Matlab. C-programming is more suited in a IDE like Visual Studio, thus this submission. The mex-files are called 'mexw32' instead of 'dll', since Matlab will not support 'dll'-naming in the future.

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thank you!


Unfortunately, I keep getting linker errors: unresolved token and unresolved external symbol. Both of these errors refer to the mx-functions (such as mxGetPr etc.) I have included libmx, libmex and libmat in the linker input folder.


Thanks. Very useful examples!

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