Simple settings dialog

A simple auto-resizing modal dialog box that lets the user change a series of settings.
Updated 18 Feb 2021

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The settings dialog is constructed with a simple procedural syntax that accepts a variable number of control descriptors. A control descriptor is a MatLab class that defines the user interface presentation.

gui_logical descriptors are translated into two-state checkboxes. The properties Name, Caption and Default translate into parameter name, descriptive label presented to the user and initial value (true or false), respectively.

gui_option descriptors are mapped into a set of mutually exclusive radio buttons. The properties Name and Caption have similar roles as in the case of gui_logical, while Choices is a list of possible values a parameter may take, and Labels is a list of labels displayed to the user, each corresponding to a single radio button. The property Default is an ordinal or one of the values in Choices.

The settings dialog returns a structure with fields are defined by the descriptors' Name property and values as selected by the user (i.e. true/false for a checkbox, and one of the values in Choices for a set of radio buttons). If the dialog is canceled (either with the Cancel button or with the ESC key), an empty array is returned.


results = gui_settings_dlg( ...
'Sample settings dialog', ...
'Please choose an estimation strategy', ...
gui_option( ...
'Parameters', 'Estimated parameters', ...
{'Model','ModelNoise'}, {'model only','model and noise'}), ...
gui_option( ...
'SimulationMethod', 'Simulation method', ...
{'Single','Indeterminate'}, [], 'Indeterminate'), ...
gui_logical('ShowResults', 'Show results', false));

results =
Parameters: 'Model'
SimulationMethod: 'Indeterminate'
ShowResults: 1

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2008a
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux
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