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HIS Image File Format Reader

version (1.48 KB) by Nick Rawluk
Function to read the HIS file format used by PerkinElmer.


Updated 19 Mar 2010

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Function to read the HIS file format used by PerkinElmer XIS X-ray imaging software.

The other exportable file formats in XIS either had no support in Matlab, produced non-standard files which imread could not properly interpret, or truncated the intensity range.

It turned out the native HIS file format was quite simple, and I was able to reverse engineer it enough to get the data out I needed.

It has only been tested with HIS files created by XIS v. It should work for all image sizes, although I have only tested it with 1024x1024. Because of this, it might have the rows/columns order mixed up. Please let me know if you have other files to test with.

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Nick Rawluk (2021). HIS Image File Format Reader (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Nick Rawluk

Hi Nalin, the file has a header of fixed size and then the pixel values in serial. I don't know all the header info, but if you updated the size field and data it should work to write back. I'd recommend looking at the reader m-file and try to reverse engineer from there!

Hi Nick,
do you have any idea of how to write back data to .his file ?



Hi Nick,
nice program, I need to write the image(512x512) back to '.his' file. Do you have any suggestions. Thanks, Rami


nice program. works for single file
btw how to get individual images in matlab it when we acquire multiple frame and save it as single his file

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