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SCATTER3SPH Plots a 3d scatter plot with 3D spheres of different size and color


Updated 06 Jun 2014

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SCATTER3SPH is like scatter3 only drawing spheres, instead of flat circles. It can represent three quantities as: height (Z), color and size for each combination of two variables (X and Y). The spheres will look 'spherical' no matter the axis scaling.
SCATTER3SPH(X,Y,Z) draws the spheres at coordinates in vectors X, Y and Z, with the default size and color. The three vectors have to be of the same length.

SCATTER3SPH(X,Y,Z,'size',S) draws the spheres with sizes S. If length(S)= 1 the same size is used for all spheres.

SCATTER3SPH(X,Y,Z,'color',C) draws the spheres with colors specified in a N-by-3 matrix C as RGB values.

SCATTER3SPH(X,Y,Z,'transp',T) applies transparency level 'T' to the spheres T= 0 => transparent, T= 1 => opaque.

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Francisco de Castro (2021). scatter3sph (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Created with R2009a
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