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Solution to Economic Dispatch by Artificial Bee colony Algorithm

version (31.7 KB) by RMS Danaraj
This software solves the Economic Dispatch by Artificial Bee colony Algorithm


Updated 31 Mar 2010

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This software contains one example taken from the reference paper given with this program..By running the file P1.m as they are in the default ABC-eld folder the economic dispatch problem can be solved. The allocation minimum fuel cost and transmission losses are determined. By running the program the PSO and the quadratic program method can be applied to solve economic dispatch problem.
3. I am using the Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) one of the most recently defined algorithms by Dervis Karaboga in 2005, motivated by the intelligent behavior of honey bees.

* Referance Papers*/

*D. Karaboga, AN IDEA BASED ON HONEY BEE SWARM FOR NUMERICAL OPTIMIZATION,TECHNICAL REPORT-TR06, Erciyes University, Engineering Faculty, Computer Engineering Department 2005.*/

*D. Karaboga, B. Basturk, A powerful and Efficient Algorithm for Numerical Function Optimization: Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) Algorithm, Journal of Global Optimization, Volume:39, Issue:3,pp:459-171, November 2007,ISSN:0925-5001 , doi: 10.1007/s10898-007-9149-x */

*D. Karaboga, B. Basturk, On The Performance Of Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) Algorithm, Applied Soft Computing,Volume 8, Issue 1, January 2008, Pages 687-697. */

My sincere thanks to him for the efficient toolbox

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Komal malav

This file is not show plz show this file

praveen kumar

can u please help by how to modify your code for value point loading without losses

smith george

How to implement artificial bee colony algorithm for vehicle routing problem?

Gupron Nurhalim

hello sir,
do you have program "optimal placement svc for IEEE 30 Bus using artificial bee colony" ?
I need it

Ghulam Mohyuddin

how can we put input arguments for abceld1.m at the run prompt, please guide...

Ghulam Mohyuddin

v. helpfull


sir am getting almost same results for changing Pd value
can any one help me?
my id is


reeree Irawan

sir can u add some listing to show its convergence graph??? cuz i need it to finish my task


HT Jadhav

Thanks you so much sir

Erdal Bizkevelci

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