alternative solution to the maze problem with LBMs

An alternative solution to the MAZE problem that uses Lattice Boltzman Methods
Updated 29 Apr 2010

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An alternative solution to the MAZE problem on matlab central FEX. (A recent submission to the File exchange on MATLAB central File ID: #27175 ).

The present solution uses an Immiscible Lattice Boltzmann framework to simulate the flow of a blue fluid in a complex pipeline; a red bubble is added at the inlet that serves as tracer to identify the fastest way out to the maze i.e. the path to the outlet.

The implementation is based on a method described in

Rothman, D.H. and Keller, J.M.,
``Immiscible cellular-automaton fluids,''
Journal of Statistical Physics 52, 1119-1127, August 1988.


Gunstensen, A. and Rothman, D.H.,
``A lattice-gas model for three immiscible fluids,''
Physica D 47, 47-52, January, 1991.

Periodic boundary conditions are applied at the inlet and outlet.

in order to run the code type :


a movies are include in the directory ( *.mov)

the execution takes a couple of hours on a I7 PC with 4GB
However since from the early stage of the simulation (say 20 min. from start) one can predict all the path the red bubble will follow to get of the the complex pipeline from the fluid velocity image on the left side of the screen.

by default it uses the directory C:\MAZE_Periodic_ILB\
to save the *.avi simulation movie

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Gianni Schena (2024). alternative solution to the maze problem with LBMs (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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