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function to plot 'election-like' 3d bars

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Updated 09 May 2010

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Editor's Note: This file was selected as MATLAB Central Pick of the Week

function to plot election-like 3d bars.

high: absolute height of the bars (1 value)
val: a vector of N-values to plot
colo: a 2D-matrix of N x RGB-color triplets
randomVote: set [1] make your own election and compare with reality.
This might be usefull to simulated the sort of randomness one sometimes
feels after elections.

OUTPUT: handles of the patches: for N-columns this is a 4 x N matrix,
1st line: refering to the gray/empty urn(s)
2nd -||-: -||- colored column(s)
3rd -||-: -||- bottom of the colomn(s)
4th -||-: -||- top of the column(s)

% example 1: plot 10 columns as staircase , with random colors

%example 2; %participate in Germany's election, hit <space> to give your
% vote
col=[0 0 0;1 0 0; 1 1 0;0 .6 0; 1 0 1];

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paul koch (2020). votebar (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (1)

Nice one! Works perfectly. Yet I think this function could be made more user-friendly in some ways.

1. Leave the latter two inputs optional such that the function can be called like hp=votebar(high,val);
2. Surpress the output of hp if the function is called without output arguments

Moreover, I found it extremely useful to add some functionality to label the plots. For example it might be great, if a legend could be added to the figure using the function legend.

Yet, all in all this function offers a nice add-on to Matlab's visualization functionality.

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