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Text Yahtzee

version (5.97 KB) by Zachary Danziger
Play Yahtzee in the command window, with multiple players per game.


Updated 03 Apr 2013

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Object: Roll dice for scoring combinations and get the highest total score.
This text-based command window Yahtzee game was inspired by a few of the other submissions on this site. This version has the following features:

- High scores list
- Multi-player versus option
- Stable, pleasing and intuitive interface
- Conforms to all official Yahtzee rules (including bonus Yahtzee joker scoring:
- Short, modular, commented code (usefull for editing and following flow)
- Consice and transparent score allocation logic
- Text-only game mechanics makes it look like you're working

>> ZYahtzee % runs game
>> ZYahtzee(p) % runs game for p players

Enjoy a brief game of Yahtzee!

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Zachary Danziger (2020). Text Yahtzee (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Jaime D



Fixed high score record recording bug that occurred when the current directory was different from the Yahtzee directory.

Added features to bonus stats display - The game will now save scores to appropriate directory (even when not currently in that dir) - there is now no need to include spaces when entering held die numbers for faster play

This update fixes the improper scoring for Yahtzees in versus mode.

- fixed spelling error in game board
- do not accept bad die number inputs (instead of ignoring them)
- added statistics "easter egg"
- added multi-player versus capability
- automatically score final roll

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Created with R2009b
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux
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Inspired by: Yahtzee, Yahtzee, Yahtzee