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WWW.RANDOM.ORG random integers/sequences/​strings

version (6.01 KB) by Oleg Komarov
Get true random integers, sequences or strings

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Updated 21 Jun 2010

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Get true random integers,sequences or strings from (internet connection is needed)

The package contains the following geenerators (before p9v2 only randorg):
(1) RANDORG - true random integers
(2) SEQORG - sequence of randomly positioned integers
(3) STRORG - random strings

For details see the helps of each function
For examples see the attached image (RANDORG only).

Comments/suggestions/error reports are welcome.

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Oleg Komarov (2020). WWW.RANDOM.ORG random integers/sequences/strings (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Jeff Evans seems to have switched to a secure url. Edit the source code (lines 41 and 86 or randorg.m) to reflect this change and it works perfectly.

I.e. the address is, rather than


Added SEQORG and STRORG. Minor changed to RANDORG.

Added link to FEX page inside the help

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Compatible with any release
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