Graphic Interface Toolkit

The Graphic Interface Toolkit helps to easily create platform independent graphic interface
Updated 20 Jun 2010

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Graphic Interface Toolkit
This package contains a set of function to easily create complex graphic
interface (see examples). This package is part of the EEGLAB public
software for electro-encephalography analysis (which is the leading
public software for processing electro-encephalography data with more than
70 000 download) and is distributed under the GNU GPL license.

Matlab version 7 is required.

Complex graphic interface may be created with arbitrary uicontrols. A simple
example using the inputgui function is shown below

[res userdat strhalt restag] = inputgui('geometry', { 1 1 }, 'uilist', ...
{ { 'style' 'text' 'string' 'Enter a value' } ...
{ 'style' 'edit' 'string' '' 'tag' 'editstr'} });

res contains a cell array of output and restag contains a structure with
a field for each output (in the example above res.editstr will contain the
edited string).

Complex geometry for each control may be defined using the 'geom' input
that works in a way similar to the subplot function (see function help
message). For example:

res = inputgui('geom', { {2 1 [0 0] [1 1]} {2 1 [1 0] [1 1]} }, 'uilist', ...
{ { 'style' 'text' 'string' 'Enter a value' } ...
{ 'style' 'edit' 'string' '' } });

In addition, use the functions questdlg2, errordlg2, warndlg2, listdlg2,
inputdlg2 to replace standard Matlab functions

ButtonName = questdlg2('What is your favorite color?', 'Color Question', ...
'Red', 'Green', 'Blue', 'Green');

GUI color may be customized for these graphic interfaces by defining a
file containing colors (see icadefs.m file in the EEGLAB software

For more information see the help message of each m function.

inputgui - main function to create graphic interface
supergui - support function creating the actual figure
finputcheck - support function for checking function input validity
pophelp - shows a function code in the Matlab browser
warmdlg2 - uses inputgui to replace the Matlab warndlg function
errordlg2 - uses inputgui to replace the Matlab errordlg function
listdlg2 - uses inputgui to replace the Matlab listdlg function
inputdlg2 - uses inputgui to replace the Matlab inputdlg function
questdlg2 - uses inputgui to replace the Matlab questdlg function

The latest revision of these function may be checked out using SVN at

Arnaud Delorme, PhD
June 19th 2010
University of San Diego California, USA
CNRS, University of Toulouse Paul Sabatier, France

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Arnaud Delorme (2024). Graphic Interface Toolkit (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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