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Function that converts units using Google

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Updated 01 Sep 2010

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help gunits

%Function to convert units using Google
%SCd 09/01/2010
%gunits searches using the Google convention e.g: '3ft to in'
%Input Arguments:
% -before: string with number and unit such as:
% '3ft', '17c','17lbf/in^2', '3 ft*lbf'
% -after: unit you wish to convert such as: (respectively)
% 'mm', 'f', 'N/ft^2','Newton*m'
% NOTE1: Google can be picky with the input. It's recommended
% to spell everything out and fill in multiplication/division/powers
% if you're having issues. Example:
% >>gunits('3psi','psf')
% ans = '<i>3 psi</i>' %if outNum was called; an error would've been produced
% >>gunits('3lbf/in^2','lbf/ft^2')
% ans = 3 (lbf / (in^2)) = 432 lbf / (ft^2)
% NOTE2: The units should be distinguishable with spaces removed e.g:
% 'lbf ft' becomes 'lbfft' which is not a unit. To fix use 'lbf*ft'
%Output Arguments:
% -outStr: string with the conversion
% -outNum: numeric value of answer (only if asked for)
% The algorithm used for retrieving the string is based solely on Google's
% web format. As (unfortunately!), I do not own or control Google, their
% format is subject to change, which could nullify the results of this program.
% Please let me know if this happens.

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Sajjad Yazdani

paul william

FANTASTIC. you are a genius sir. never thought we could use matlab for such use.

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