Splits a container into two resizable sub-containers (panes).
Updated 18 Feb 2021

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uisplitter divides a container into two sub-containers with a movable splitter. The container to split can be either a figure or a uipanel with no children. Depending on orientation, the splitter is either a vertical bar that separates a left and right pane (for horizontal orientation), or a horizontal bar that separates a bottom and top pane (for vertical orientation). If no container is specified, the figure returned by gcf is assumed as the parent container. Once the container is split, sub-containers may be freely populated with MatLab components. The relative size of the sub-containers may be adjusted interactively using the mouse, or programmatically from code.

This submission resembles UISplitPane by Yair Altman but uses fully documented MatLab functionality only. Usage is mostly compatible, and a wrapper function uisplitpane is available to exhibit a similar interface as UISplitPane. However, this submission is not meant to replicate Yair Altman's excellent submission: not all functionality may be available from UISplitPane.


[panel1,panel2,splitter] = uisplitpane(parent, key, value, key, value, ...);
[panel1,panel2,splitter] = uisplitpane(key, value, key, value, ...);


% create a uisplitpane with default horizontal orientation
[left,right] = uisplitpane;

% create a uisplitpane with vertical orientation
[bottom,top] = uisplitpane('Orientation','vertical');

% create a uisplitpane explicitly specifying the parent container
fig = figure;
[bottom,top] = uisplitpane(fig,'Orientation','ver');

% create a pane where the left part is one third of the right.
[left,right] = uisplitpane('DividerLocation',0.25);

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Created with R2010a
Compatible with any release
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