MATRIS v0.10.10.09sb for Windows

A Full-Fledged MATLAB Based Tetris Game like none you've ever seen!
Updated 9 Oct 2010

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I have seen many attempts to write games with MATLAB: Tetris, Sudoko, Minesweeper, and so on. However, the graphics and interface of these programs look more like MATLAB demos rather than serious computer games. I can't help but asking myself: Can't MATLAB do better than that?

Then I came across Psychtoolbox, an MATLAB extension designed for visual neuroscientists. I suddenly realized that this toolbox could help me make a game the way I want: You don't need to bring up a MATLAB figure to display the graphics. Instead, a full-screen canvas is prepared for you to paint on. Also, the drawing is much faster with the toolbox since it is entirely base on OpenGL.

I made this game in my spare time. I'm just a neuroscience student who does experiments for 10+ hours everyday, so it took me years to finish the game. It looks good to me, really good. Everytime I played the game, I know my hardwork is not wasted.

This game features full-screen graphics, fluent control, transparent in-game memus, and music (not supported in this release). And it is easily customized.

REMEMBER: You'll need the latest version of Psychtoolbox to start the game! You can visit to download the toolbox (it may be a painful process).


How to use:
1. Install Psychtoolbox 3 (see above, remember, Psychtoolbox 2 is no good)
2. Unzip the files to any folder (say \MATRIS), bring up MATLAB and add MATRIS and all its subfolders into the search path list. Then type 'tetrisMain' ro play the game


For Gamers and Psychophysicists

This game has two launchers: tetrisMain and tetrisMainPsych. They are made for gamers and psychophysicists, respectively. The former runs like a regular game, whereas the latter prompts you to input the subject's name and save the score of the subject into data files. The psychophysicists' edition also display the time elapsed on the screen, and automatically quit the game if a certain amount of time is passed.



The game is completely free. However, if you decide to use it in a scientific experiment, please notify me before doing so, and kindly acknowledge the use of the game.

Thanks a lot.

For more info, read 'readme.txt' in the zip file or send an email to me. I'll try my best to answer every question. Have fun!

Mingjing Zhang

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