Replicate and tile an array so that it meets a specified final size.
Updated 21 Oct 2010

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repToSize is an adaptation of repmat which requires only the final array size as the input. This removes the need to calculate the number of repetitions as well as handling for cases where a a fractional number of repetitions is required.

If the final
size is not a multiple of the original array's size, the appropriate partition
of the array will be used to fill the remaining values.

In pictoral form for the 2D case:

If A = [m x n array], then
B = repToSize(A,x,y) produces
| A A .. A A2 |
| A A .. A A2 |
| .. .. .. .. .. |
| A A .. A A2 |
| A1 A1 .. A1 A3 |
where x >= m, y >= n, and
A1 = A(1:rem(x,m),:)
A2 = A(:,1:rem(y,n))
A3 = A(1:rem(x,m),1:rem(y,n))

If, for example, x < m and y < n, then B will simply be equal to A3.

A = reshape([1:3*4*5],[3 4 5]); % a 3x4x5 array of values from 1 to 60
B = repToSize(A,[13 19 3]) % create a 13 x 19 x 3 array, replicating values
B = repToSize(A,13,19,3) % alternate syntax

In this example, B(:,1,:) will contain repeated copies of [1;2;3] with a 1
as the final entry (13 is not a multiple of 3). B(1,:,:) will
contain repeated copies of [1,4,7,10], ending in 7 as the last entry in the
row (19 is not a multiple of 4).

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