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Send HTML formatted mail using the free Microsoft mail component CDO
Updated 30 Nov 2010

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CDO stands for Collaboration Data Objects which ships with Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003.

Find below different scenarii in which using emailtool_nodisplay may be interesting .

% Usage 1 :

emailtool_nodisplay can be used to monitor usage of softwares in your company.
Example in a GUI you can add these lines in the openingfcn:

% username = getenv('USERNAME');
% if isempty(username)
% str = '!whoami';
% username = deblank(evalc(str));
% end
% if ispc
% try %#ok<TRYNC>
% emailtool_nodisplay([mfilename ''],'','','',['used by ' username])
% end
% end

You will receive in your Microsoft Oulook Inbox an email letting you know that someone has started your software.

% Usage 2 :

emailtool_nodsiplay can be used to receive notifications if a
code/simulation fails in a try-catch statement for example
You could make the exception message caught in the body message.

% Usage 3 :
Can be used at the end of a successful compilation invoking MATLAB Compiler to automatically send a notification to your peers that a new code has been compiled.
You could send the verbose of mcc -mv in the body message.

% Usage 4 :

can be used to send emails from another sender (not advised except for joking!)

% Usage 5 :
can be used to send anonymous emails (idem not advised!)

- emailtool_nodisplay can send HTML messages.
- Messages can be sent to several recipients.

All the different syntaxes to run emailtool_nodisplay are documented in the header of M-file.

Example (shown in the screenshot) :
To receive an HTML email in both my Microsoft Outlook Inbox and my Yahoo Mail , I just typed:
>> from = '';
>> to = '';
>> CC = '';
>> subject = ['Mail sent via ' version('-release')];
>> attachments ={which('support'),which('why')};
>> messageHTML= ['<html>Please find enclosed the code of support .<br>' char(10),...
'<b>This email has been sent by a MATLAB code created by Aurelien!!</b></html>'];
>> emailtool_nodisplay(from,to,CC,'',subject,messageHTML,attachments,1)

When running the above code , I receive an email with 2 attached files (see screenshot) . The last input argument of emailtool_nodisplay tells my code that I want to send an HTML message . It allows to have the last line of body message in bold in this example.

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