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Axes objects tree viewer

version (5.07 KB) by Pirmin Borer
Shows objects contained within axes as a tree and lets you manipulate them interactively.


Updated 29 Nov 2010

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Opens a figure with a tree view of all handle graphic objects in the input
axes. Objects type and tag are displayed.

Objects can be selected from the tree. Double Clicking in the tree deselects all objects. Right-click opens a context menu with following possibilities: 'Visible' toggles selected objects visibility; 'Delete' removes the selected objects; 'Properties' opens the property inspector for selected objects.

Note: The tree automatically updates when objects are parented or removed
from the axes, or when a property is changed. The code uses some
undocumented Matlab features(usage of handle.listener and uitree) of release 2007b. It should work on later
releases as well (depending on the usage of handle.listener())

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Pirmin Borer (2021). Axes objects tree viewer (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Pirmin Borer

Thanks, I know UIInspect, very good. This one is intended more as a small selection tool, without properties displayed. I am currently making a 3d editor for matlab with multiple views. There it serves just to display objects and groups.

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2007b
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

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