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Constrained MOO using GA (ver. 2)

version 1.5 (2.05 KB) by Sam Elshamy
Solving a simple MOO problem using Genetic Algorithms (GA)


Updated 30 Nov 2014

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This code is a demo of using Genetic Algorithms (GA) to solve a simple constrained multi-objective optimization (MOO) problem.
The objective is to find the pareto front of the MOO problem defined as follows:
f1(X) = 2*x1 + 3*x2
f2(X) = 2/x1 + 1/x2
such that:
10 > x1 > 20
20 > x2 > 30

The set of non-dominated solutions is plotted in the objective space, and displayed in the console.

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Sam Elshamy (2020). Constrained MOO using GA (ver. 2) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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any examples of source code on multiobjective optimization with mix integer variables?I have 3 objective functions, 6 decision variables....thanks very much

Sam Elshamy

@Yu-Yun. You are right. I fixed this bug and other bugs I found in my code and uploaded a revised version.

Thank you.


I think line 68 and 69 are supposed to be



Now available in Toolbox format.

Update: Bugs in line 68 and 69 and others are now fixed. Thanks to Yu-Yun

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