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Multi-tool- simply reuse your code over and over.

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Apply same operation to several files in a single command.


Updated 25 Jan 2011

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Most of us, Matlab people are generating functions. Some of those functions are designed to work with a file (image, video, audio, data etc…). And then, we need to apply it to another file, and another one. So we either do it manually, or we are writing a higher level function with a loop which calls our single-file function.
And this happens a lot. And thus we do this non creative task a lot, and that’s frustrating, right?
So I have written this function which will change the situation. Now, once you have a function that is designed to work on a file, all you need in order to apply it to several files (or a directory with files) is to use my apply_func_2_files_list function. You can specify the files/directory name as a function argument, or via GUI Files Explorer. You can specify any function specific parameters, using the “PARAMS” keyword.

Here is the documentation (from .m file):

% function crop_video_files_list(varargin)
% Functional purpose: This function applies some user defined function to a list of files (or a directory with files).
% This will allow the user to apply same operation to several files in a single command.
% Input arguments (defaults exist):
% applied_func_h- function handle to the function which will be applied to all files in list/directory.
% The function to which applied_func_h points to is expected to:
% 1) Operate on files, using thir file name (full path+name+extension)
% 2) The file_name is the first input parameter.
% 3) The function is expected to return resulting file (or nothing), so a list of resulting can be formed and
% returned by apply_func_2_files_list.m. This files list can be used, in turn as inputs in further processing...
% 4) The rest parameters the function needs will be specified after the key string 'PARAMS'. The above parameters
% will be used as inputs for applied_func_h, and will be thus used with all files in files_dir or with all
% input_files_list.
% files_dir- a directory including video files to be cropped. If specified, input_files_list will be constructed
% from all files in files_dir
% input_files_list- a list (cell array) of video files whose black sorrounding will be renoved (cropped out) by
% the function.
% GUI_menus_flag- when set to be true allowes the user to choose input files or directory with files via GUI
% dialogs
% Output Arguments:
% output_files_list- list of resulting files (assuming applied_func_h returns resulting file name).
% Issues & Comments: Note that the applied function fed with inputs after 'params' string of inputs to this, mother
% function, which may result in errors.
% Author and Date: Nikolay S. 7/12/2010.
% Last update: Nikolay S. 25/01/2011.

Comment in case of problems or improvement suggestions, I’ll try to fix.

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