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Calculate Excel Range

version (6.89 KB) by Richard de Garis
Calculates full target range in Excel A1 notation.

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Updated 17 Sep 2013

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xlrange = xlcalcrange(h,refCell,r,c,m,n)returns the full target range, xlrange in Excel A1 notation to cover an m-by-n array, starting from an offset of r rows & c columns from the starting cell, refCell.

Any workbook\worksheet prefix is removed from refcell, as are any absolute '$' markers prior to range calculation.
refcell = 'C:\directorypath\[filename.xlsm]worksheet1'!$P$6:$AC$91


refcell = P6:AC91

refcell can also be an Excel named range, but requires the Excel workbook to be open via an actxserver COM object, and a handle to the object, h, passed as a function argument. h is ignored if refcell is not a named range.

Note: this file makes use of 2 functions: dec2base27.m & base27dec.m that were sourced from inside of Mathwork's function, xlswrite.m

Please let me know of any bugs

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Rajesh Joseph

Worked well for me. Thanks.

Richard de Garis

Hi Traian,

You need to provide a reference cell, or range of cells, or named range e.g. A1, or A1:D3, or myStartCell

If using an explicit A1-notation range, you can prepend with the workbook and or worksheet (as in my example in the function Description). However, an Excel named range must be specified on its own.

I have just submitted an update that allows you to specify, if using an Excel named range, a particular workbook via a COM object handle, which allows for Excel named ranges in a multi-workbook environment. But the COM handle is ignored if just using an explicit A1-notation range, since that is workbook agnostic.

Traian Preda


I have a question, can I use this function only by typing xlcalcrange('c:\mytestfile.xls') or I have to provide the selection from excel?

Can you please send me an example regarding how I can use this function for an excel file.



Works like a charm! Thanks!!


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