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Blind image quality assessment through anisotropy

version 2.0 (4.21 KB) by Salvador Gabarda
Anisotropic Quality Index (AQI) for image quality assessment


Updated 22 Aug 2017

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Method for determining the quality of digital images. An anisotropic measure is used as a metric to assess the quality of images. The method is based on measuring the variance of the expected entropy of a given image upon a set of predefined directions. Directional selectivity is attained by using an oriented 1-D pseudo-Wigner distribution.

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Salvador Gabarda (2021). Blind image quality assessment through anisotropy (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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rad2deg is a MATLAB function

Abhishek Dubey

you forgot to include rad2deg function

geng p

When I read the lena.png to variable X, I run [Qg,Qch]=blindimagequality(X).
Then,' Qg =0.0038' is return.
Is it right. If some is wrong, How can I run this program.


Where do I get the paper from?

Anton Semechko

I apologize about the rating above, it was totally accidental ... good submission

Anton Semechko

you forgot to include rad2deg function

Taoism ?


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