Take a snapshot of the current figure, save it as a png (or tiff or whatever) image
Updated 18 Apr 2011

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Example Usage

>>ezplot(@(t)max(30*365*24-t,0),[0 33*365*24]);
>> xlabel 'age (hours)', ylabel 'what remains of your youth (hours)';
>>TakeAPicture -report

% Create and save a png picture from your figure.
% e.g.
% TakeAPicture % Take a picture
% TakeAPicture -inv % Take a picture and invert the colors
% TakeAPicture -auto % Use a default name and directory
% TakeAPicture('name','aaa','manualcrop',false) % Specify the name and don't crop
% TakeAPicture('-withfig','name','aaa') % Also save the .fig file and specify the name
% TakeAPicture('-withfig','colors','inv') % Also save the .fig file and invert colors
% Settings (enter as property-value pairs)
% 'name' : Name of picture (default: <timestamp>)
% 'destination' : Save location (default: cd)
% 'figure' : Figure handle (default: gcf)
% 'invert' : whether to invert (default: false)
% 'figsave' : whether to also save the figure (default: false)
% 'uidir' : whether to use user-selected directory (default: true)
% 'manualcrop' : whether to manually crop the image (default: true)
% 'hidecontrols': whether to hide ui controls (default: false)
% 'colors' : how to modify colors. Make a cell array to do multiple
% operations. Options are:
% 'inv' : invert colors
% 'grey' : sets colors to greyscale
% 'bw' : black and white
% 'decolor' : greys out the extreme colors.
% 'normal' : does nothing
% Enjoy
% -Peter

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Peter O'Connor (2024). TakeAPicture (https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/31091-takeapicture), MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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