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Phase Locking Value

version (2.8 KB) by Praneeth Namburi
Computes the Phase Locking Value (PLV) for neuroelectric signals.


Updated 16 Aug 2011

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Phase Locking Value (PLV) is a statistic that can be used to investigate task-induced changes in long range synchronization of neural activity. This method is introduced in Lachaux et al., (1999) Human Brain Mapping.

A visual summary of the method is shown in the 'Screenshot' file. Note that the baseline normalization procedure shown in the figure is not yet implemented in the script.

This particular implementation of estimating the PLV uses the Hilbert transform instead of wavelets.

To learn more, please read my blog entry -

Kindly let me know if you have any comments/suggestions!

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xu duan

Would I be able to adapt this code to having two different inputs from two different data sets? Basically intrabrain data rather than interbrain data?

Yupeng Han

Thanks a lot!


Exactly what I need. Thanks a lot!

Hi friend , thank you very much
How can use this code if my eegData is 2D matrix not 3D matrix .
and thanks

Clear usage examples and demo. Straightforward script that's intuitive with eeg data structure. Thanks for the implementation!


Added a link for further reading in the 'description' section.

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