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Useful Figure Management Utilities

version (4.36 KB) by Michelle Hirsch
Simple utilities for managing the positioning of bunch of on-screen figure windows in MATLAB.


Updated 04 Dec 2019

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This package contains 3 trivial figure management utilities I can't live without:
SHOWMETHEFIGS Allow user to cycle between all figures by hitting any key
FIGSHIFT Cascades current figure window away from previous figure
FILLSCREEN Set a figure size to completely fill the screen. NOTE: There's a better version built into MATLAB since R2018a. Just set the WindowState property to 'maximized'

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Michelle Hirsch (2020). Useful Figure Management Utilities (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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Sorry about that, Chung! I didn't realize that my updated version wasn't live on the File Exchange. I just submitted the update - should be live as soon as it goes through our brief internal review process. Email me directly if you want an update sooner.


Error with MATLAB 2014b.

Undefined function 'minus' for input arguments of type 'matlab.ui.Figure'.

Error in figshift (line 39)

Rose Campbell

Simple yet effective! Thanks

Dheevatsa Mudigere

It ubiquitious..thanks a ton

Unai Cornes

Thanks a lot.

Dave W.

Just what I needed! Thanks!

garapati rao

i try to use it first

Kit Wolf

Fillscreen maximises figures, it doesn't make them full-screen. My quest continues.

y z


Moved code to GitHub

Updated license

Updated to work with R2014b (should still work with previous versions, too). Also now available as a snazzy Toolbox file which is super-easy to install (requires R2014b).

Removed mistaken attribution.

Update copyright.

Updated copyright.

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Inspired: Figure Management Utilities, Lynx MATLAB Toolbox