Real-Time Auto-Scrolling Graph from Serial Port

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It Plots a real-time running graph taking inputs from a serial port.
Updated 18 Jun 2011

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This script takes input from the Serial port 'COM4' with the baud rate of 19200 and plots a running graph with the X-axis range of 200.

I used it for my IMU sensor so the input is in the form of strings '<accX accY accZ>' (eg:- '381 328 420'), you can also add the gyro readings to it. I run the loop to 1000 iterations you can modify to suit your purpose. A better solution i will try later is to take the time inputs from your device(i used Arduino so i will possibly use micros()) to get exact time related outputs.

It is a bit slow due to the usage of 'drawnow' but i'll try it with other methods and post a better version soon.

I haven't commented it nicely cause i think the code is fairly self-explanatory.

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Inspired: LSP, TCPIP/Serial Data Live Plot Utility

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