Numerically evaluates a integral using a Gauss quadrature.
Updated 28 Nov 2005

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[int, tol] = gaussq('Fun',A,B,[reltol wfun],[trace,gn],p1,p2,....)
[int, tol] = gaussq('Fun',A,B,[reltol wfun],[trace,gn],alpha,p1,p2,....)
[int, tol] = gaussq('Fun',A,B,[reltol wfun],[trace,gn],alpha,beta,p1,p2,....)

int = evaluated integral
tol = absolute tolerance abs(int-intold)
Fun = inline object, function handle or a function string.
The function may depend on the parameters alpha and beta.
A,B = lower and upper integration limits, respectively.
reltol = relative tolerance (default 1e-3).
wfun = integer defining the weight function:
1 p(x)=1 a =-1, b = 1 Legendre (default)
2 p(x)=1/sqrt((x-a)*(b-x)), a =-1, b = 1 Chebyshev of the
first kind
3 p(x)=sqrt((x-a)*(b-x)), a =-1, b = 1 Chebyshev of the
second kind
4 p(x)=sqrt((x-a)/(b-x)), a = 0, b = 1
5 p(x)=1/sqrt(b-x), a = 0, b = 1
6 p(x)=sqrt(b-x), a = 0, b = 1
7 p(x)=(x-a)^alpha*(b-x)^beta a =-1, b = 1 Jacobi
alpha, beta >-1 (default alpha=beta=0)
8 p(x)=x^alpha*exp(-x) a = 0, b = inf generalized Laguerre
9 p(x)=exp(-x^2) a =-inf, b = inf Hermite
10 p(x)=1 a =-1, b = 1 Legendre (slower than 1)

trace = for non-zero TRACE traces the function evaluations
with a point plot of the integrand (default 0).
gn = number of base points and weight points to start the
integration with (default 2).
p1,p2,...= coefficients to be passed directly to function Fun:
G = Fun(x,p1,p2,...).

GAUSSQ Numerically evaluates a integral using a Gauss quadrature.
The Quadrature integrates a (2m-1)th order polynomial exactly and the
integral is of the form
Int (p(x)* Fun(x)) dx
GAUSSQ accept integration limits A, B and coefficients P1,P2,...
as matrices or scalars and the result INT is the common size of A, B
and P1,P2,....

Examples :% a) integration of x.^2 from 0 to 2 and from 1 to 4
% b) integration of x^2*exp(-x) from zero to infinity

gaussq('(x.^2)',[0 1],[2 4]) % a)
gaussq('(1)',0,inf,[1e-3 8],[],2) % b)
gaussq('(x.^2)',0,inf,[1e-3 8],[],0) % b)

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Version Published Release Notes

Gaussq is now updated to also allow integration of function handles or inline objects.
Global variables are changed to persistent to make the function more robust.