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Find the best fit for an ellipse using a given set of points (a closed contour).
Updated 2 Oct 2003

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This function uses the Least-Squares criterion for estimation of the best fit to an ellipse from a given set of points (x,y). The LS estimation is done for the conic representation of an ellipse (with a possible tilt).

Conic Ellipse representation = a*x^2+b*x*y+c*y^2+d*x+e*y+f=0
(Tilt/orientation for the ellipse occurs when the term x*y exists (i.e. b ~= 0))

Later, after the estimation, the tilt is removed from the ellipse (using a rotation matrix) and then, the rest of the parameters which describes an ellipse are extracted from the conic representation.

For debug purposes, the estimation can be drawn on top of a given axis handle.

1) This function does not work on a three-dimensional axis system. (only 2D)
2) At least 5 points are needed in order to estimate the 5 parameters of the ellipse.
3) If the data is a hyperbola or parabula, the function return empty fields and a status indication

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Version Published Release Notes

1. added a test to identify if the data is a hyperbola or parabola - returned in the "status" field
2. the routine finds now the center point of the original (tilted) ellipse as well (fields "X0_in","Y0_in")