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This system contains two identical circuits showing the operation of a single phase rectifier.


Updated 16 Jul 2011

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Open the Universal Bridge dialog box and notice that in order to obtain a four-diode bridge configuration, the Power electronic
devices field has been set to 'Diodes' and that the number of arms has been set to 2. Also, observe that the Measurements
field has been set to 'Device currents', thus allowing measurement of diode currents through the Multimeter block.

Now, double click on the Multimeter block. The four diode currents are listed in the left column. Notice that only currents
in diodes 2 and 4 have been selected and transferred in the right column. The number of available signals at the multimeter
output (2) is displayed on the block icon.

Open the two scopes and start the simulation. Compare the two load voltages Vd1 and Vd2 which are superimposed on Scope1.
Also, compare on Scope2 the currents flowing in diodes 2 and 4 for circuit 1 and circuit 2.

Notice that the circuit has been discretized by means of the Powergui block. The sample time (50e-6 s) appears on the block

Now, open the Powergui block and select the simulation type 'Continuous'. The continuous ode23t solver specified in the Simulation
parameters will now be used. Restart the simulation and compare the continuous simulation results with the previous simulation
results obtained with a discretized system.

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