MATLAB Support Package for Parallax BASIC Stamp

MATLAB library for communicating with a BASIC Stamp 2 and Board of Education (BoE) kit
Updated 1 Sep 2016

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The Parallax BASIC Stamp 2 (BS2) is a low-cost single-board microcontroller useful for electronics projects. It is available as part of a "Board of Education" (BoE) kit that includes a solderless prototyping board, I/O pins and serial connectivity.
This MATLAB Support Package allows you to to communicate with a BS2 over a serial port, and is specifically intended for use with the Board of Education. It consists of a MATLAB API on the host computer and a PBASIC server program that runs on the BS2. With this support package, you can:
* Communicate with BS2 from the MATLAB command line
* Read and write to the BS2 digital pins
* Output PWM, DTMF and X10 signals
* Measure pulse widths and digital state changes

The support package DOES NOT require any knowledge of PBASIC.

Sample usage:

% create the BASIC Stamp object
bs = stamp.BasicStamp('COM4');

% set the I/O state of pin 3 (0=output, 1=input)
bs.setState(3, 0)

% access digital state
bs.writePin(3,0) % set pin 3 to 0
bs.readPin(4) % read pin 4

% get the duration of a high pulse on pin 4
bs.recvPulse(4, 1)

% send a 200 microsecond high pulse on pin 3

% send a pseudo-PWM waveform with a
% duty cycle of 10% and duration of 30ms
bs.outputPWM(3, 0.1, 30)

% clean up

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