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Extracts XData & YData for each line given a Figure.


Updated 12 Aug 2011

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Extracts XData & YData for each line given a Figure.

This method could be useful where old simulation results have been saved only as figures.

Accepts a handle to the figure. The current figure is chosen if no argument is passed in.

Outputs 'data' is a cell array whose each cell corresponds to a line (first row XData; second row YData), when only a single set of axes exists on the figure.

If there are multiple sets of axes present (e.g. as with subplots), a cell array containing a cell array as above per each set of axes would be output.

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Damith Senaratne (2020). extractFigData (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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laurent jalabert

X = get(hl(k),'XData');
Y = get(hl(k),'YData');
err_Y = get(hl(k),'UData'); % in case of errorbar graph
temp{Nl-k+1} = [X;Y;err_Y]; % extract data for errorbar graph

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