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MATLAB Support Package for Vernier SensorDAQ

MATLAB library for reading Vernier sensors using SensorDAQ hardware


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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Vernier SensorDAQ ( is a USB data-acquisition interface. It can be used to gather data from Vernier sensors ( and also includes terminals for analog and digital I/O.
This support package extends the capabilites of Data Acquisition Toolbox (R2011b or later), and allows you to access the following SensorDAQ capabilities:
* Vernier analog sensor measurements
* Analog I/O (using the terminals)
* Counter input
* Digital I/O

The support package uses Data Acquisition Toolbox's "Session-based Interface" (except for the digital I/O, which uses the Legacy interface and requires 32-bit MATLAB).

Sample usage:

% --- Read a Vernier Sensor ---

session = sdaq.createSession();
sdaq.addSensor(session, 1, sdaq.Sensors.Barometer);

% the scaling function converts raw voltage to physical units
scale = sdaq.getScaleFun(sdaq.Sensors.Barometer);

% get a single measurement, and convert to physical units
rawdata = session.inputSingleScan();
data = scale(rawdata);

% collect 2 seconds worth of data
session.DurationInSeconds = 2.0;
rawdata = session.startForeground();
data = scale(rawdata);

% --- Analog input ---

session = sdaq.createSession();

% collect 2 seconds worth of data
session.DurationInSeconds = 2.0;
data = session.startForeground();

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Eddy H

It's worth noting that, as of now, it is not currently possible to use startBackground with NI SensorDAQ. i.e. the output cannot be plotted in real-time.

This is in contrast to the README document that comes with this package that suggests you can.


Is there any version that is Mac compatible?



I was wondering if you could fix the problems you had with matlab-sensorDAQ; I'm in the process of purchasing a hand dynamometer/interface that're compatible with matlab, and looking into the option with Vernier. Let me know if you've found any solutions!



I am currently trying to collect data from Vernier hand dynamometer using sensor DAQ and Matlab R2013b.
I have two problems:
- Matlab does not recognize input channel "_sensor0_5V" as a valid channel for using the ch1 of SensorDAQ.
- I can't be able to measure in background with MATLAB with 'ai0' or 'i1' channels. I want to measure continuously.

This Support Package for Vernier SensorDAQ is very useful, but I have the above mentioned problems.



Updated license

* Changed "Created Using" to R2011b

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