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A dynamic search box key press function callback for an edit box
Updated 6 Oct 2011

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KPF_CB was completely rewritten to work with mouse clicks and for Matlab R2011b. Currently it does not work with other releases. I haven't really looked into why yet, so I have included the original 'KPF_CB' and renamed it 'Original_KPF_CB' for compatibility.

The new KPF_CB also heavily relies on Java. The Java part was made possible by Yair Altman and his 'findjobj'.

From the help file,

% a key press callback function for an edit box
% Description
% KPF_CB() is a key press callback function for an edit box. This
% callback creates a dynamically changing listbox under or above the
% edit box (depending on space available). The contents of the listbox
% change depending on the keys pressed. This callback may be useful
% where very large lists are encountered and are difficult to sort
% through, or may act as a search box.
% Syntax
% set(edit_h,'KeyPressFcn', ...
% {@KPF_CB,jedit_h,slider_h,fig_h,list,func})
% Arguments
% edit_h - handle of the edit box to which KPF_CB is applied
% jedit_h - handle of the java component of the edit box
% slider_h - handle of the slider, if none, leave empty []
% fig_h - handle of the figure of the edit box
% list - list of selectable items
% func - function to evaluate after 'return', or 'escape' key is
% pressed or item in listbox is 'opened', if this is not needed,
% leave empty [] or do not include in edit box 'KeyPressFcn'
% callback
% Other Functionality
% - KPF_CB incorporates the functionality of many special keys
% including, backspace, delete, escape, insert, end, shift, return,
% arrow keys, and space.
% - Arrow keys allow the user to cycle left to right across the edit
% box and continue typing with a dynamically changing listbox. They
% also allow the user to scroll through the list box up and down.
% - The 'return' key will either select the closest match to the
% contents of the listbox from the contents of the edit box, or if
% the arrow keys were previously used to cycle through the listbox,
% then whichever item is currently highlighted will be selected. This
% selected word will then appear in the edit box, and the listbox will
% be deleted.
% - Other keys behave as expected
% - If an item in the listbox is clicked, the edit box will display
% the item clicked on, but the contents of the listbox will remain the
% same. If an item in the listbox is opened (i.e. double-clicked),
% this will have the same effect as the 'return' key, but for the item
% clicked on.
% - A slider can be used with this function. For example, if multiple
% edit boxes were placed on a panel with a slider, the listbox would
% change size depending on the position of the edit box and slider.
% - The optional function to evaluate after 'return', or 'escape' key
% is pressed or item in listbox is 'opened' allows for immediate
% function evaluation without needing a 'push button'
% Example
% list = cell(26,26,26);
% for i1 = 1:26
% for i2 = 1:26
% for i3 = 1:26
% list{i1,i2,i3} = [char(64+i1) char(64+i2) char(64+i3)];
% end
% end
% end
% list = reshape(list,numel(list),1);
% scrnsz = get(0,'ScreenSize');
% fig_h = figure('MenuBar','none','Resize','off', ...
% 'Position',[scrnsz(3)/2-100 scrnsz(4)/2-100 200 200]);
% edit_h = uicontrol('Style','edit','Position',[6 170 190 25]);
% jedit = java(findjobj(edit_h));
% jedit_h = handle(jedit,'CallbackProperties');
% set(edit_h,'KeyPressFcn',{@KPF_CB,jedit_h,[],fig_h,list,@my_fun})
% set(jedit_h,'MouseReleasedCallback',{@KPF_MR_CB,edit_h}, ...
% 'MousePressedCallback',{@KPF_MP_CB,edit_h})
% function my_fun
% get(edit_h,'String')
% end
% Notes
% - In order to close the listbox an item must be selected, by either
% pressing either the 'escape' or 'return' keys or 'opening' an item in
% the listbox
% - This function makes use of the edit box user data variable
% - Java is used extensively
% - This function is not bug free yet, but usually hitting 'backspace'
% or 'delete' enough times will clear whatever my function thinks is in
% there

% Version : 1.1 (10/06/2011)
% Author : Nate Jensen
% Created : 09/21/2011
% History :
% - v1.0 (09/21/2011) : initial release
% - v1.1 (10/06/2011) : added java component to enable mouse clicks

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Nate Jensen (2024). Dynamic Search Box (https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/32971-dynamic-search-box), MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Compatible with any release
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completely rewrote code, added more comments, added java component to capture mouse clicks, does not work properly in other versions yet, renamed submission

v1.01 hot fix