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enable.m / disable.m

version (364 Bytes) by Richard Medlock
Helper function to enable/disable uicontrols.


Updated 28 Apr 2003

No License

2 functions:


where h is the handle to a UI control.

saves writing a set function.

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Richard Medlock (2021). enable.m / disable.m (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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The Author

Thanks for the feedback, as I said in the descrption it's a "Helper Function" it just saves a bit of time if that's what you need. I found it pretty useful when designing GUI-heavy software for test/measurement applications. It's not meant to be anything more exciting than that.

nameless namesis

i want a show and hide :)

it does get quiet tedios to write them especially during debug on the command line, but other than that... not very useful

Joke Last

a joke?

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